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Our instruction videos are here!

Recently we visited Lilla Mediabyrån outside Skurup, Skåne – finally time for filming day!

FL: Emilia Borgvall, Felicia Samuelsson, Jonas Hofvander

Together with Jonas we filmed five instruction videos showing how Påhoj works. From how to assemble your Påhoj, installing the bike adapter, riding with it, walking with it and of course showing off our canopy that will protect your little one from the sun and rain.

„It was important to us that each video was informative and concrete, while at the same time staying true to the PåHoj identity.“

Emilia Borgvall, Designer at PåHoj

Ready, set, go!

We are so happy with the playful, but still informative, result and we hope that it will help you once you have received your Påhoj. Curious how it works? Check it out here or you can go to „How it works„: